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Dear Visitor!


What do you think when you hear about Szeged and the area? Weather the silhouette of the Cathedral, the posters of the Summer Open Air Theatre, the University of Szeged or garlands of red paprika appear in front of you? Have you ever thought that these are only some samples of the thousands of interesting things that the town and its surroundings offer its guests?

Our aim is to show the different colours, faces, taste and atmosphere of the town to visitors during amusing and informative walks.

Our classical walks contain the main sights of the town but there are so many tiny things to discover that we have special offers as well. Come and discover Szeged and its surroundings with us!

Sightseeing walk in Szeged

During the classical walk we discover the downtown and get acquainted with buildings, squares and avenues of `the City of Palaces` built after the Great Flood in 1879. We wander in Szechenyi Square, admire the Guild Hall, the Bridge of Sighs, we get to know why the statue of Kossuth stands in Klauzal Square and who or what Karasz street is named after. It also comes to light why the ruins of Szeged castle stand two meters under the street level, how long Queen Elizabeth (Sissy) has been looking day-dreaming at the theatre, when Pista Danko`s marble violin begins to sound and why Votive Church of Szeged was built.

Price: 70€ (30000Ft) / 2 hours, and 35€ (15000Ft) for every additional hour started